Gyno Travogen Cream Bayer

Gyno-Travogen (Isoconazole Nitrate) is an antifungal treatment for vaginal thrush or yeast infections. Its mechanism of action is damaging the fungal cell membranes. The active ingredient in this product is classified as an azole antifungal, and it is effective against a wide range of different fungi, including the candida species. This type of fungus can infect the vagina, resulting in inflammation and a vaginal discharge.
Use of this medicine helps to eliminate the fungi by preventing them from producing a substance known as ergosterol, which is needed by the fungi to survive. Without ergosterol, holes start to form in the cell membrane which leads to the eventual destruction of the fungi. This in turn helps to relieve the symptoms of vaginal candidiasis and treat the infection. In some cases, patients have used this medicine for mixed infections involving gram positive bacteria.

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