Fortum Injection GSK 1grm & 500mg (Ceftazidime)

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Fortum belongs to a group of medicines called cephalosporins. Fortum is used to treat a wide range of infections caused by bacteria. These infections may affect the chest (bronchitis or pneumonia), ears, nose, throat, bladder and urinary tract, skin and soft tissue, stomach or bones.

FORTUM Injection contains an antibiotic called ceftazidime, which treats infections caused by bacteria, in different parts of the body. FORTUM injection belongs to a group of antibiotics called cephalosporins. These antibiotics work by either killing the bacteria that cause the infections or stopping their growth. FORTUM will not work against infection cased by viruses such as colds or the flu (influenza). Ask your doctor if you have any questions or if you aren’t sure why FORTUM injection has been prescribed for you. FORTUM is only available with a doctor’s prescription. FORTUM is not addictive.

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